Amritavarsham 64*

Amma Birthday

Hello Folks  This is Amritavarsham-64 this is 64th birthday, This is very special to birthday as President of INDIA – sir Ram Nath Kovind came as a Chief guest and awarded Amma service, Amma spent thousands of crores for the poor people and provided them Water facility to many Towns and villages So many Thousands of people came for Amma’s  dharshan and Amma blessed everyone she gave darshan over 24 hrs, lots of people came to Amma darshan and were felt  very happy to see her and take her blessings.

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Many students  were participated in this occasion , We as AMRITA students participated in this as we divided this occasion as a teams and each duty assigned to a different work ,Every year CSE students take a clean up drive ,ECE students  Dish washing , EEE students room allotments and many more we divided our duty in to 4 shifts Early morning shift, Afternoon shift , Evening shift , Late night shift , Our duty was late night shift we enjoyed a lot by doing our work , they provided us a refreshment those who does the work they provided us Sandwich , Butter milk , Biscuits , Biriyani , Friedrice ….

20171009_010200       20171009_021057

Students from different colleges also participated in this Occasion they also participated very well , We all had a very sweet moments in this occasion.

All our Ashram people had did a great work They planned very well , Many students participated in this event They performed cultural dances , Many celebrities joined their hands in this event and All people felt very happy as this program went in soft .

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                  We all decorated our campus and Our bridge with lights, Many people kept their stalls ,Many canteens were are also there Andhra canteen , Tamilnadu canteen , North Indian canteen , South Indian canteen  at very low price as for the people  and this is  like a fetiii and This helps us in bringing a change in us by doing  This selfless service This is really a fantastic job that we did and were  very  Happy by doing this service

Be like the honeybee who gathers only nectar wherever it goes. Seek the goodness that is found in everyone.


My Trip

Trip On Dussehra Vacation

On the 28-09-2017 we went to Amma dharshan , After Amma darshan at night 11:00 pm we decided to go to trip and we decided to go trip to kanyakumari on the next day with out any planning we started our journey to kanyakumari , It was so thrilling me to got to Kanyakumari and we reached there by 3:00 pm on that day and after meal we went to Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Boat that was very exiting moment After that we went to watch SUN SET and I am very enthusiastic to see Sunset but the clouds were there so that the sun was not appeared properly  and that night we stayed there in a hotel and we watched sunrise that  was really superb! that gave a full satisfaction and then w went to kanyakumari Mata dharshan their we met a man how is selling chains near the beach and that person was very interesting person we really shocked by talking with him He knows many languages (national/international) he  speaks Teugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kanada, Tamil, French, German… He was very inte resting person as he knows reads News paper daily and he is saying about Andhra news we shocked by listening his words and decided to read NEWS paper daily but have to wait and see .

sunrise                            sunset

Sunrise                                               Sunset

The Very next day  it was my birthday and also my mother birthday , My friends gave surprise to me and also i was awarked of it and that then we again went to kanyakumari matha darshan and then came to Sucendram that was a temple of god mahashiva and then we went to cutralam falls that was very thrilling moment and then we stayed that night there and the very next day morning we joyed at waterfalls there are many water falls in cutrlam but famous among them was Main falls, Five falls, Tiger falls we all enjoyed there very well .

cutralam falls


                              The following day we went to RP mall in kochi , That was very big mall and the was 6-stored mall there we can find all kinds of Brands, Food court is also available there and after we went to saloon that is also there in mall and then we took a bus and returned to our Ashram

rp kollam


This was really very exiting trip As we did not planned and started our journey and also sunset and sunrise was awesome and this gave me fine info about the conversation with that strange man and I am very happy to share my feelings with you and thanks for reading My blog have a nice day.


My Experience of AMRITA

About University


This is one of the best university in India . We  can get a very trained faculty  and also a lot of support from our seniors they will help us in many issues. One can find a best schedule for all Engineering branches to develop our knowledge in a right path .One can get support not only in academics but also in personal problems they will monitor us in to right path. College infrastructure is also very good. One can find a very good labs with A.C facility .Here we can have a very beautiful greenery campus as it is situated beside Arabian Sea . We can find many indoor games  We can also  participate in college sports meet . One can improve ones talent in sports .This is one of the best place to a person for the over all development , One can learn many things to improve himself in many ways .


Amma love

We do have a lots of workshop and we have a lots of fun-sessions , Camping’s , Trips ,Here we find a Value Based Education , they conduct many events over here , One of its was JOTHIRGAMAYA camp we have it on first year and many events and also We celebrate AMRUTHAVARSHM  every year . We do serve many people in many ways . We do conduct a service camps every year that is very interesting moment. We do have our chancellor AMMA here , We do have AMMA dharshan every time and take blessings . We can participate in Bhajans and get a relaxation to our mind . we do have a meditation regularly. (have a peace of mind).



Here we do have a FOSS lab (free and open source software) , Here one can learn a lot of new things, Here we do have Android, Web designing, Competitive Programming , Open source …..and many lot. We can stay here in lab and learn a lots of interesting things. One can find a path to travel to their goals . Here  we can find a lots more not only   technical things and also have a weekly meetings and also  camps , sevas ,  seminars and a lots more . Here we will have a good mentor to guide us. One can grow well by speaking with new persons and also  by giving speeches . This is one of the fast growing club in our country.


          Bi0s from Amrita University is a well-established group of computer security enthusiasts focusing on various areas including web application security, Android security.

Bi0s is largely a CTF team actively taking part in the international CTFs round the year besides carrying out research on security issues in the real world.  bi0s has been organizing workshops and educating the students to spread awareness about the need for cyber security.


amrita ranking

Amrita stands 1st in nirf ranking 2017 , In the 12th edition of the annual rankings released, Amrita University has been placed in the list of 601-800 category. The 2015 ranking features universities in 70 countries and seventeen Indian higher education institutions have featured in the list of the world’s best universities. The rankings are partly based on publication, citation data and key performance indicators relating to research, teaching, knowledge transfer and international activity. Amrita University is the only Private Indian University according to Times Higher Education BRICS University Rankings. Amrita University is No. 1 in International Outlook according to Times Higher Education BRICS.






About Me

Hello guys this is Gopa Vasanth . I am at foss to develop my knowledge , I am hard worker and also interested in computers. I am from Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh .

My Interests

I am intrested in Android , Web-DesigningO.S , Rubiks .


My favorite sports are Badminton Cricket .

Learning is a lifelong process and having the best positive attitude towards learning can have great impact on what you will achieve in life. Nobody plans to fail, often we fail to plan. For the best results both while learning and working we should work to developing the correct mental attitude.