GSoC’19 Final Report

Project: The project mainly aims to trim and crop on fly videos in Wikimedia commons, This project is to build a tool to perform these set of actions and host in Wikimedia toolforge. Proposal: File:VideoCutTool Proposal GSoC’19 Work Repository/Branch: BiWeekly Blogs: Done Into GSoC and Wikimedia Hackathon 2019. Done Bi-Weekly_Report-1 Done Bi-Weekly_Report-2 Done Bi-Weekly_Report-3 Done […]

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GSoC’19 Bi-Weekly Report-5

Hello Everyone, In this past couple of weeks, I have implemented the following things: Displayed the encoded videos Rotates, Cropped and Single Trimmed videos to the users in front-end. Implemented the Instance Crop/Rotate features, Immediately after the user tapping on these features, He will get the preview of his action performance. Working on to implement […]

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GSoC’19 Bi-Weekly Report-4

Hello Everyone 🙂 In this past couple of weeks, I have implemented the following things: Fixed the error in feature “Trim the videos with multiple timings into a Single Video”. Implemented Visual Cropping feature. Implemented the OAuth using Mediawiki passport.js. I have fixed the error in “Trim the videos with multiple timings into a Single […]

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GSoC’19 Bi-Weekly Report-3

Hello Everyone 😀 In the past two weeks I have implemented a few new features such as “Video Rotation” and “Audio Disability” while trimming/cropping the videos in VideoCutTool. Now the users can Rotate the videos based on their choice 90 degree clockwise and vertical flip. 90 degree clock-wise. 90 degree counter clock wise. 90 degree […]

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GSoC’19 BiWeekly Report-2

Hello Dears, During last two weeks I have gone trhrough the node.js documentation and implemented the back-end of VideoCutTool in node, I have implemented to fetch the video from Commons into server and encode the video using ffmpeg to Trim the videos and to Crop the videos based on the users requirement. Currently I have […]

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GSoC’19 BiWeekly Report-1

Hello, Dears,I’m was so excited to start coding for my project “Tool to trim videos in Commons”. I have designed and made the simple user interface for the users to trim videos with VideoCutTool using React Ant-Design. I have given choice to the users to select either to Trim videos or Crop videos. So the […]

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Into GSoC and WMF Hackathon 2019 !

Being an undergraduate in Computer Science at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, over the past couple of years my love for the field of Computer Science has grown exponentially. Being an active member of Free and Open Source(FOSS@Amrita) club at my university, I have acquired a various set of skills including analyzing and debugging of large code […]

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