How to Install MediaWiki?

Hello Folks, Very happy to see you here, Thank’s for your interest, Let’s start Contributing to MediaWiki. Don’t worry it is very easy to Install and you can do it in half an hour, These are the following steps, Please follow all these step’s and do not skip any of the steps, In case if […]

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Gitamritam 2k18’Yuva

This is the wonderful camp I ever attended before, previously during my school age I attended a yoga camp in 5th standard but this is completely different from all the other camps, I’m here to describe my experience of my Gitamritam camp. I never dreamed that I will wake up early in the morning at […]

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My journey with Mediawiki

I am Gopa Vasanth, a freshman in Computer Science and Engineering from Amrita University, India. I am an active member of the Open Source student club of my University FOSS@Amrita. Selecting Organisation. This post is about how I started and working with MediaWiki, I first saw a large lists of organisations list as I was […]

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FOSS DAYS A club is not just a place to learn, but also a place to share and contribute, Here we indulge ourselves in playing games, conducting debates and explore various places, do gardening, participate in seva, in addition to this we conduct sports and many other activities.    “Collaboration is important, not just because it’s […]


Yummy Yummy for My Tummy

             Namaskar friends This is Gopa Vasanth again came back to you with my different  experience Do you think about  tittle  is crazy  ha ha be cool I am going to share my First experience in cooking wow that’s really  cool and  funny feeling during my semester  vacation by my mentor suggestion, I went to […]

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